iOS 17 Programming for Beginners

(iOS.AJ1) / ISBN : 978-1-64459-576-3
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28+ Lessons | 135+ Quizzes | 115+ Flashcards | 115+ Glossary of terms




  • Who this course is for
  • What this course covers
  • To get the most out of this course
  • Conventions used

Exploring Xcode

  • Technical requirements
  • Downloading and installing Xcode from the App Store
  • Exploring the Xcode user interface
  • Running your app in Simulator
  • Running your app on an iOS device
  • Summary

Simple Values and Types

  • Technical requirements
  • Introducing Swift playgrounds
  • Exploring data types
  • Exploring constants and variables
  • Understanding type inference and type safety
  • Exploring operators
  • Using the print() statement
  • Summary

Conditionals and Optionals

  • Technical requirements
  • Introducing conditionals
  • Introducing optionals and optional binding
  • Summary

Range Operators and Loops

  • Technical requirements
  • Exploring range operators
  • Exploring loops
  • Summary

Collection Types

  • Technical requirements
  • Exploring arrays
  • Exploring dictionaries
  • Exploring sets
  • Summary

Functions and Closures

  • Technical requirements
  • Exploring functions
  • Exploring closures
  • Summary

Classes, Structures, and Enumerations

  • Technical requirements
  • Understanding classes
  • Understanding structures
  • Understanding enumerations
  • Summary

Protocols, Extensions, and Error Handling

  • Technical requirements
  • Exploring protocols
  • Exploring extensions
  • Exploring error handling
  • Summary

Swift Concurrency

  • Technical requirements
  • Understanding Swift concurrency
  • Examining an app without concurrency
  • Updating the app using async/await
  • Improving efficiency using async-let
  • Summary

Setting Up the User Interface

  • Technical requirements
  • Learning useful terms in iOS development
  • A tour of the JRNL app
  • Modifying your Xcode project
  • Setting up a tab bar controller scene
  • Summary

Building Your User Interface

  • Technical requirements
  • Adding a table view to the Journal List screen
  • Connecting storyboard elements to the view controller
  • Configuring data source methods for the table view
  • Presenting a view modally
  • Summary

Finishing Up Your User Interface

  • Technical requirements
  • Implementing the Journal Entry Detail screen
  • Implementing the Map screen
  • Summary

Modifying App Screens

  • Technical requirements
  • Modifying the Journal List screen
  • Modifying the Add New Journal Entry screen
  • Modifying the Journal Entry Detail screen
  • Summary

Getting Started with MVC and Table Views

  • Technical requirements
  • Understanding the Model-View-Controller design pattern
  • Understanding table views
  • Revisiting the Journal List screen
  • Summary

Getting Data into Table Views

  • Technical requirements
  • Understanding model objects
  • Creating a class to represent a journal entry
  • Creating sample data
  • Displaying data in a table view
  • Summary

Passing Data between View Controllers

  • Technical requirements
  • Passing data from the Add New Journal Entry screen to the Journal List screen
  • Removing rows from a table view
  • Exploring text field and text view delegate methods
  • Passing data from the Journal List screen to the Journal Entry Detail screen
  • Summary

Getting Started with Core Location and MapKit

  • Technical requirements
  • Getting your device location using the Core Location framework
  • Updating the JournalEntry class to conform to the MKAnnotation protocol
  • Displaying annotation views on the Map screen
  • Displaying a map snapshot on the Journal Entry Detail screen
  • Summary

Getting Started with JSON Files

  • Technical requirements
  • Creating a singleton
  • Modifying the JournalEntry class to be JSON-compatible
  • Loading and saving JSON data
  • Summary

Getting Started with Custom Views

  • Technical requirements
  • Creating a custom UIStackView subclass
  • Adding your custom view to the Add New Journal Entry screen
  • Adding your custom view to the Journal Entry Detail screen
  • Summary

Getting Started with the Camera and Photo Library

  • Technical requirements
  • Creating a new UIImagePickerController instance
  • Implementing UIImagePickerControllerDelegate methods
  • Getting permission to use the camera or photo library
  • Summary

Getting Started with Search

  • Technical requirements
  • Implementing a search bar for the Journal List screen
  • Modifying table view data source methods
  • Modifying the prepare(for:sender:) method
  • Modifying the method to remove journal entries
  • Summary

Getting Started with Collection Views

  • Technical requirements
  • Understanding collection views
  • Modifying the Journal List screen to use a collection view
  • Dynamically modifying collection view cell size using size classes
  • Testing your app on different devices
  • Summary

Getting Started with SwiftData

  • Technical requirements
  • Introducing SwiftData
  • Modifying the JournalEntry class
  • Implementing SwiftData components
  • Modifying the JournalListViewController class
  • Summary

Getting Started with SwiftUI

  • Technical requirements
  • Creating a SwiftUI Xcode project
  • Creating the Journal List screen
  • Adding model objects and configuring navigation
  • Using MapKit for SwiftUI
  • Completing the Journal Entry Detail screen
  • Summary

Getting Started with Widgets

  • Technical requirements
  • Introducing widgets
  • Adding a widget target to your app
  • Providing timeline entries to your widget
  • Customizing your widget’s view
  • Adding a widget to your Home and Lock screens
  • Summary

Getting Started with visionOS

  • Technical requirements
  • Introducing visionOS
  • Adding a visionOS target to your project
  • Improving your app’s appearance in visionOS
  • Adding 3D objects to your app
  • Summary

Testing and Submitting Your App to the App Store

  • Technical requirements
  • Getting an Apple Developer account
  • Exploring your Apple Developer account
  • Submitting your app to the App Store
  • Testing your app
  • Summary

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